Donald Trump Christmas Money Luck Sweater New Year 2018

This chrithmith style Donald Trump Christmas Money Luck Sweater is specially created to bring money luck for those who choose to wear it. New time has come for the USA. Time in which the dark veil is gone and the dreams of many are about to become reality. One person who was standing alone against many, has proven that everyone who believes in themselves can reach success.

The Chrithmith team has created specially for all of you who believe in Trump and in success, special Money Luck success sweater. In the sweater the number of symbols is not random and they are coded in a way that will bring financial success to anyone who wears it. All of this is made with the greatest precision of design.

So this won’t be just another Ugly Chrithmith Style Sweater, it will be the Ugly Chrithmith Style Sweater that will change your world.

6.12.2016 = 6+3(1+2)+9(2+0+1+6)= 18 = 9 We have selected the date that our product is launched on the American market. This date has in itself the digits of success ingrained, the digits are 3, 6, 9. The number 3 accodring to astrology and numerology is the number of Jupiter. It brings success when deals are signed and it increases your influence on people. In astrology the number 3 “Jupiter” is called the “big happiness”. Number 6 is the number of planet Venus. It is associated mainly with money,it is not a coincidence that this is Trump’s favourite number. In astrology the planet Venus is called the “little happiness”. The last number is 9. It is connected to the strong and pulsing male energy of planet Mars, this unites the big and small happiness to give the success here and now, in the nearest future. Therefore the sweater made on this date (birthday) and launched on the market, has in itself the energy of those numbers and brings enormous success to the person who wears it.

“Make your passion your paycheck”.

*** Donald Trump MERRY CHRITHMITH ***

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Donald Trump Christmas Sweater

“Make Christmas Great Again”
Warm and high quality sweater
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Make Christmas Great Again
 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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