7 reasons you should learn Boxing now


Boxing is a form of strength training exercise are favor by many people nowaday, including many Hollywood stars.


Many stars in the world are choosing Boxing as a method to reduce stress and maintain a toned physique. Some of them can be listed as: Madonna – famous singer, Ashley Tildas – High School Musical star, Cameron Diaz – Celebrities, …

Boxing is not a new sport, it has been tested and certified to be effective physical training. And now, women also tend to practice this sport. Because boxing is a kind of exercises the whole body, requires both the heart and other body parts have to work with high intensity, so that we will lose weight quickly and reduce tension straight.

If you still are wondering about deciding whether or not to practice boxing, 7 following reasons may make you change your mind.

1. Good for the whole body


Boxing is a form of exercise that every part of the body to mobilize, from brain to muscle strength.

2. Increase endurance and reflexes


In addition, Boxing also makes the body more flexibility and agile, while developing the ability to coordinate the parts of the body as well as the body’s reflexes.

3. High-intensity exercise

Boxing is not just put your hands out in front, but if you use the right technique, you must know the mobilizing power of the toes, and then through the legs, hips and finally launching a punch. Thus, it is only within 1 to 2 seconds only, every muscles of your body have to move to make a punch.

4. Increased metabolism

Boxing and exercises to keep your heart rate for longer after the workout – it also means that the body will increase the metabolic rate and fat absorption on that day.

5. Weight loss

60 minutes practicing boxing equivalent effect to 9km running on treadmills and also burned in 2821 kilocalorie. An excellent results in only short time.

6. Helpful self-defense martial


Surely the purpose of the introduction of any martial art also included self-defense. Boxing is not an exception, just use your punch and gentle movement of your body, you can easily avoid the attacks on the streets or defeat the person who trying to attack you.

7. Relieve stress


If you are having troubles in life, boxing can be a solution for you. Practice boxing, you will release the anxiety and sorrow in a safe and fun environment./http://iluvesports

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