Unbelievable! Young Girl in Great Boxing form Knocks the Door Out in her House (VIDEO)

This video will knock you out!


This video was shared thousands of times on Facebook. In the video you can see young girl with unbelievable straight punches breaks the door in her room! This shows her amazing boxing abilities. In future she can be a champ!

She is only 8 years old and she comes from Kazahstan. Her name is Evnika. She can throw one hundred punches in less than a minute. She says “I like boxing because when I make a side punch it makes a noise”. Her boxing skills are acquired thanks to her dad Rustram who is coaching his daughter in the sport since she was 3 years old. Her dad is deeply convinced that children have to be trained from early age. Not only because they understand everything from an early age, but also because the fisique’s activity is important for their memory and physiology. So later he says this will improve their mental capacity. The dad says “Even if you are professional boxer who is 25 or 30 years old you will admit you cannot do most of the punches Evnika does!”

The interesting thing is that she visually reminds me of the actress in “Million dollar baby”. An incredible boxing movie directed by Clint Istwood.

Her aggressive punches remind in style to that of Mike Tyson.

The training takes place 5 times a week and it is a family affair. Rustram and his wife Ania have 7 children all of whom can pack a punch. Big brother Rush is 13 and proving a champion in the ring. Rustram has created one main training tool. From the begging of his career he was focused on getting one method based on one component which is speed.

The video has attracted many different opinions ranging from “who is training her she is damaging her hands” to “I want my daughter to be like that!” What’s your take on that? Would you help train your child in boxing?

And most importantly who will pay that door??


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